How to use product variants

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In this article we will go through product variants, including what they are and how to use them.

What is a product variant?
A product variant allows you to create variations within the product. You can use this to determine the flavor of a product, the size of the product, or to create additional add-ons to the product.

How do product variants work?
You can add a product variant to any product from your "Product Library" page. Once you find the product to add the variants to, you will follow these steps:

  1. Scroll to the part of the page that says "Variants" and click "+ Variant".
  2. Now you will fill in information about your variant:
    1. Title: This is the title of the variant itself. So if the variant is pertaining to the product's size, this would be a good place to type in "Size"
    2. Required: You can keep this checked if you want to require the customer to pick a variant from this group in order to check out with this product in their cart. If the variant is optional, we recommend unchecking this box.
    3. Quantity Option:
      1. 'Choose One' means the customer needs to choose one variant from the list you will input to checkout.
      2. 'Choose many' means they can choose multiple from the list.
      3. 'Custom Quantity' allow customers to mix and match their selections

  3. Once you hit 'Save' you can then go in and add options to the variant. These options are the variations themselves. You can begin this process by clicking 'Add Option'.

  4. Now you will add the different variation options. So for example if this is a size variant, this is where you will enter the sizes that you offer for this product.
    1. Title for matching: this is if you'd like to match this variant to the variant question in your stores page.
    2. Description: this is where you can give this variant a description
    3. Price: this is an ADDITIONAL price to the original price of the product. So if this product is priced at $12 and you put $1 in this box, if they choose this option, they will be charged $13 for this product.

    4. You can then hit 'Save' and then go in and add the remainder of the variants for this variant option.

  5. You've now successfully created a variant for a product. Remember, these variants can be used for more than just sizes! We have merchants using these to determine flavors, sauces, sides, snack box options, quantity, etc!
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