How the "Autofill Replacement" works

  • updated 6 mths ago

Using the autofill replacement is essential for scheduling out your menu in advance for subscriptions.

If you you the "Refill the cart from the last order" autofill type inside of the Drops and you change your menu regularly, you will need to make sure you're using a fallback product when scheduling out your menu. This is useful when you want to stop offering a product, but want to replace that product with something else so that the cart does not come up empty.

The "autofill replacement" feature allows you to, from week to week, replace an expired item with a new item. When Bottle goes to autofill customers' carts with their products for the week, if an items is marked as unavailable but it should go into the customers' cart, the system will look for an autofill replacement product to put into the cart instead.

How to setup "Autofill Replacements": 
(note: the wording has been changed since the making of this video but the mechanism is still the same).


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