How to add a product

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What are products in Bottle?

Products are the good or service that you plan on selling through Bottle. This can range from meals to breads to grocery items to coaching sessions or classes that you want to sell on Bottle. 


How to add products to Bottle:

Step 1: Access the Product Library

  • Begin by logging into your Bottle dashboard.
  • Navigate from the "Orders" tab to the "Sell" tab.
  • Click on "Product Library" to view your existing products or add new ones.

Step 2: Create a New Product

  • In the Product Library, locate and click the "New" button in the top right corner.
  • Choose "Product" from the dropdown menu, assuming you are a food producer.

Step 3: Enter Product Details

  • Name: Input the product name as it will appear to customers during checkout.
  • Description: Add a detailed description of your product, which could include nutritional information or other relevant details.
  • SKU Code: Specify the SKU code, which is crucial for inventory management.

Step 4: Set Up Fallback Product

  • Define a fallback product that will substitute the original product if it becomes unavailable after being added to the cart.

Step 5: Upload Product Images

  • Upload clear images of your product. These images will be displayed on the store page to represent the product.

Step 6: Price and Pricing Lists

  • Set a default price for the product.
  • Optionally, create different pricing lists for various customer types (e.g., retail, wholesale) by clicking the "plus" icon to add a new list.

Step 7: Configure Quantity Settings

  • Define the minimum order quantity and the steps in which the quantity can be increased during purchase.

Step 8: Set Tax and Inventory

  • Select the appropriate tax code if you are using a tax system like TaxJar.
  • Set the inventory level, specifying how many units of the product are available for the current period.

Step 9: Add Labels and Variants

  • Add labels to your product, such as "gluten-free" or "contains peanuts," to inform customers of specific attributes.
  • Create variants (e.g., different flavors or sizes), allowing customers to choose from multiple options or one mandatory option.

Step 10: Configure Store Settings and Ingredients

  • Specify the store and category where the product will be available.
  • Add ingredients and nutritional information if required, leveraging Bottle’s ability to generate nutritional labels.

Step 11: Save and Publish

  • After filling out all necessary fields, click "Save" to finalize the product creation.
  • Your product is now ready to be added to your store and made available for sale.
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