Store Questions Overview

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Learn about Bottle's Question Feature and general information about each question type.

Store questions are a great way to gather information from your customers throughout every step of the way of the ordering process. You can gather information like: name, email, order notes, and more!

Setting up store questions:



General Question Settings

Questions are a hugely helpful feature that you can utilize in several different ways.

To edit the questions asked on your store, first, select the store you want to add questions to from the leftmost menu. Then select where you want the question to appear from the menu just to the right of that:

  1. Questions before selection: Before the customer sees products
  2. Question before checkout: After the customer has selected products but before paying
  3. Questions on receipt: After a customer has paid for their order.  

To add a new question, click the "+ Question" button. Here you will see a box pop up with quite a few settings.

  • The Question Field: This is the question that will be presented to the customer in the store.

  • The Placeholder Field: This is to help guide your customer's answer by giving an example of an answer they might provide.

  • The Description Field: Describe to your customer why you might be asking this question to provide further context.

  • Required and "Ask each time..." checkboxes:

    • Required will make sure the question has an answer before a customer can continue

    • Ask each time when unchecked will only ask the first time a customer goes through your store

      • this setting is the default for Name and Email Questions

  • Question Type: This determines which question type you are asking; more about the function of each type below!

  • Answer Format: This determines how the customer can answer a question

    • Text: The customer types their answer out

    • Multiple Selection: The customer is provided with numerous answers and can select more than one

    • Single-Selection: The customer is provided with numerous answers and can only select one

Name and Email Questions


Name and email-type questions perform similar functions in Bottle. When a customer first comes to your store, these questions will gather information and attach it to their phone number. This way, when they finish checking out, you will know whose order you are fulfilling or who you are communicating with within the dashboard.

All stores have a name question included by default.

Order Note Questions

Order note questions offer the ability to get extra information from your customers that you may be interested in getting. For example, in the image above, we ask, "How did you hear about us?". The answers to these questions will appear in a few places throughout your Bottle site:

  • Your downloaded order sheet

  • Invoices and Packing Slips

  • Order Receipts

Variant / Dietary Preference Questions

Variant and dietary preference questions perform a similar role. They get information from your customer to help inform Bottle's autofill system to better serve your customers by adding information to customers' accounts about the types of variants they receive or their specific dietary needs. You can find out more about how to utilize these questions in our advanced features articles.

Fulfillment Slot / Membership Tier Questions

Fulfillment slots questions and Membership tier questions both allow you to take functions of the checkout page and move them elsewhere in the checkout flow.

If you have prices that are only available to certain memberships or products that are only available for certain fulfillment days, we suggest using one of these questions in the "before selection" part of your store.

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