How to make a product a one off product/add on product

  • 8 mths ago

In this article we'll discuss how to make sure a specific product is only offered for one week and does not get autofilled into the next.

Sometimes you may want to offer a one-off product or offer a product that customers can manually add week-to-week but does not autofill week-to-week. In Bottle, we make this very easy to do!

How to make a product a one off product/add on product:


1. Go to the "Stores" tab and then click 'Stores'.

2. Next, click into your main, weekly store.
3. From there, you'll scroll down to where your live products are managed, under the 'Categories'.
4. You'll need to add the product to the category if it's not added yet.
5. Once it is added, you'll click into the product and unclick the button that says: "Include item in logic when autofilling orders"
6. Then scroll down and hit "Done" for that product.
7. Once you're finished on the page as a whole, you'll scroll to the bottom of the store page and click 'Done'.

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