How to edit products in a cart in your dashboard

  • updated 6 mths ago

There are many reasons you could want to edit an order's cart, learn how to do it here!

From a mistake made while ordering to amending something that went wrong on the store page, on this page we will teach you how to edit an order directly in your merchant dashboard.

View the video below to learn how to edit a cart directly in your dashboard.

How to edit an order's cart:


  • Locating the Order

    • Find the order in the 'Orders' tab for recent orders.
    • Alternatively, search for the customer's name or the order number in the search bar at the top of the dashboard.
  • Selecting the Cart

    • Go to the customer's profile and identify the cart to be edited.
    • Click on the order number to pull up the order details page.
  • Editing Cart Contents

    • View any existing products in the cart.
    • Add products, either custom or from the product library, by searching in the dashboard.
    • Adjust the quantity of existing products in the cart, increasing or decreasing as needed.
  • Handling Price Adjustments

    • If the cart is paid and the price increases due to edits, directly charging the customer is not possible currently. We suggest sending an invoice for the increased amount.
    • In case of a decrease in the total order amount, issue a refund for the price difference.
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