How to schedule a product to become available in the future

  • updated 6 mths ago

This article shows how to schedule out a product to become available for a specific production day.

Many merchants want to schedule products to become available for weeks, months, or maybe even years into the future. To do that, Bottle has a unique widget within each product (inside of the Store) that allows you to schedule products out so that they become available for a specific production day.

Scheduling Your Menu in Bottle Dashboard


  • Setting Up Product Availability

    • Click on 'Store Settings' and scroll to 'Product Availability'.
    • Review your product categories and the list of upcoming production days.
  • Scheduling Products for Specific Days

    • Select an upcoming production day (e.g., the 13th).
    • Add products to be available on that specific day.
    • Repeat the process for other production days (e.g., the 20th).
  • Viewing Scheduled Products

    • Click on 'All' to see products scheduled for different days.
    • Observe separate menus for each scheduled day (e.g., the 13th and the 20th).
  • Checking Product Availability in the Store

    • Start a new order in the store to see available products.
    • Verify that available products match the scheduled production day.
    • Note the cutoff time for each slot's availability (e.g., December 12th at 9 AM).
  • Understanding Product Rotation

    • Old products become unavailable after their cutoff time.
    • New products appear in the store following when the slots associated with their production day become available.
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