Ingredient Report - Breakdown

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Bottle has introduced a new Ingredient Report feature that streamlines the process of managing food product ingredients, ensuring accurate and efficient order fulfillment. This guide highlights the core functionalities of the Ingredient Report and discusses future enhancements and current limitations.


What is the Bottle Ingredient Report:

  1. Detailed Recipe Breakdown:

    • The Ingredient Report uses Bottle’s food product functionality to list ingredients for each product. For example, a taco bowl’s report will include rice, water, black beans, and their respective measurements. This detailed breakdown ensures that all necessary components are accounted for in every recipe.
  2. Consolidated Shopping List:

    • As orders come in, the report generates a comprehensive shopping list that aggregates ingredients from all recipes. This helps in combining quantities needed for multiple meals. For instance, if apple cider vinegar is required in multiple recipes, the report will total the amount needed across all orders, such as 7,500 grams.
  3. Ingredient Matching:

    • To maintain accuracy, product names and measurements must be consistent across different items. For example, "olive oil" must be standardized, as variations like "extra virgin olive oil" are treated as separate entities. This ensures that the report reflects the exact quantities required without duplications or omissions.
  4. Report Generation:

    • Generating the report is straightforward. Users can select any list from the orders tab (e.g., the July 14th list), click "+ report," and choose the ingredient report option. This will produce a detailed report for all orders within that list, showing each product and its ingredients.

Future Enhancements and Current Limitations:

  1. Handling Variants:

    • Currently, the report does not account for product variants, such as different protein options (e.g., vegetarian vs. chicken). The development team is working on a feature to mark certain ingredients as attached to specific variants. This will allow for more precise ingredient tracking and inventory management.
  2. Improving Ingredient Matching:

    • Future updates aim to refine the matching process for ingredients with similar names but different specifications. This will help reduce discrepancies and improve the accuracy of the shopping list.
  3. User Feedback:

    • Continuous improvements are driven by user feedback. The Bottle team encourages users to share their experiences and suggestions to help enhance the Ingredient Report further.
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