How to mark a product as "sold out" while keeping it in your store.

  • 1 yr ago

There are times when you may be out of a product but want to keep it on your store so your customers can view it. To show your customers that you are "sold out" of a product you can follow the below steps:

  1. Head to the Product Library and find the item you want to be "Sold Out"
  2. Make sure the "inventory limit" switch is turned on (marked blue)
  3. Enter '0' into the limit text box

  4. Click the save button in the bottom right of your dashboard 

Keep in mind: For the product to become available again you will either need to set a positive value on the quantity limit or turn off the inventory limit entirely.

Once these steps have been taken you will see something similar to what is pictured below once when you visit your store.

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