Create a Pricing List

  • 4 mths ago


Step 1: Access Your Product Library

  • Begin by navigating to your product library to identify the products you wish to include in your pricing list.

Step 2: Select Products for Special Pricing

  • Locate the product(s) you want to feature on this pricing list. For example, consider a stack of pancakes among your first few products. Scroll to the price section to proceed.

Step 3: Create a New Pricing List

  • Click on the "+ list" option to create a new pricing list. Name this list according to your preference, such as "wholesale pricing".

Step 4: Set Discounted Prices

  • Toggle the switch next to your new list to activate it. By default, products use their base price, but for wholesale or bulk purchases, you'll want to set a discounted rate. Adjust the price to your desired discount, such as changing it to seven dollars.

Step 5: Apply Prices to Products

  • Individually set the discounted price for each product you want to include in this pricing list.

Step 6: Assign the Pricing List to a Customer

  • Locate the customer intended for wholesale pricing and open their profile. Under the profile section or tab, you'll find a pricing list dropdown menu.

Step 7: Select Your Pricing List for the Customer

  • Click on the dropdown menu and choose the appropriate pricing list, such as "wholesale pricing", for the customer.

Step 8: Verify Discounted Prices

  • Open your store to confirm that the selected products display the discounted prices for the customer. Ensure that items like fresh salad, grilled salmon, and others show the reduced rates.

Step 9: Customer Checkout

  • The customer can now add these discounted items to their cart and checkout, benefiting from the special pricing you've set.

By following these steps, you can effectively set up and manage a pricing list in your Bottle dashboard, offering discounted rates to wholesale customers or any other special pricing arrangements you wish to implement.

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