What is a Bottle Food Product?

  • 3 mths ago


Step 1: Accessing the Product Library

  • Begin by logging into your Bottle account. Once logged in, direct your attention to the “Sell” tab located on the dashboard.
  • Within the “Sell” tab, locate and click on the “Product Library” option. This action will take you to the area where you can manage your products.

Step 2: Creating a New Product

  • In the Product Library, find and select the option to create a new product. Upon doing so, you will be presented with a selection for different product types.
  • Among the available options, you will now see a choice for a “Food Product.” Select this option to proceed with creating a food-related item.

Step 3: Adding General Product Details

  • You will be prompted to fill in the general details of your product, such as the Name, Price, Quantity settings, and Tax codes. These fields are standard across all types of products on Bottle.
  • Fill out these details as you normally would, ensuring all information is accurate and reflective of the product you are adding.

Step 4: Utilizing Food Product-Specific Settings

  • As you continue to scroll down, you will notice that there are additional settings unique to food products.
  • Locate the “Ingredients” section. Here, you can add every ingredient that makes up your food product. To add an ingredient, click on the “+ Ingredient” button and input the details of the ingredient.
    • For special types of ingredients (e.g., a specific type of bread or seasoning), you have the option to include additional details about what it's contained in.
    • You can also specify the amount of each ingredient included in the product.

Step 5: Entering Nutritional Information

  • Another important section for food products is the Nutritional Information. In this section, you can add essential nutritional details such as serving size and calorie count.
  • Providing this information is crucial for transparency and can assist customers in making informed decisions about their purchases.

Step 6: Preview and Save

  • After entering all necessary details, including general product information and specific food-related settings, take a moment to review all the information you’ve inputted.
  • Once satisfied, save your new food product. It will now be included in your Product Library and available for customers to purchase.
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