Adding Products to your Store in Bottle

  • 3 mths ago



Step 1: Access the Product Library

  • Start by logging into your Bottle dashboard.
  • Products are always stored in your product library, regardless of their sale status.

Step 2: Navigate to Store Settings

  • Click on the "Sell" tab.
  • Select the store from the dropdown where you want the products to be available.

Step 3: Modify Product Availability

  • Once in the store settings, locate the "Product Availability" option on the left side of the page.
  • Ensure there is at least one category created under which your products can be sold. If not, create a suitable category first.

Step 4: Add Products to Categories

  • Within the Product Availability section, search for the category that best matches your product.
  • Click the "plus product" button to start adding products to this category.
  • Search and select the products you wish to add (e.g., "chicken and rice" or "grilled salmon and greens").
  • You can add multiple products at once.

Step 5: Set Specific Product Availabilities

  • To make a product available only on certain production days, use the "production days" feature at the top of the store settings.
  • Select a day (e.g., the 24th) and then click "products for this day."
  • Search for and add the desired product to make it available exclusively on selected days.
  • Repeat the process if you want the product available on additional days (e.g., the 25th and 26th).

Step 6: Save Your Settings

  • After adding products and setting their availability, click "Save" to update the store's inventory.
  • Your selected products are now listed in your store and available for purchase based on the settings you configured.

Step 7: Finalize and Review

  • Review your store settings and the products added to ensure everything is set up as desired.
  • Make any necessary adjustments to optimize product visibility and accessibility.
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