Creating Fulfillment Methods

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What is a Bottle fulfillment method?
A fulfillment method is how to dictate what delivery, pickup, and/or shipping options that your customers will see and select at checkout. Bottle's fulfillment methods allow you to begin taking orders at a specific time, cutoff orders at a specific time, implement a grace period, and show customers what time(s) they should expect to pick up or receive their meals.

How to setup fulfillment methods:


  1. Once you click into the 'Fulfillment Methods' tab in the left hand side bar of your screen, you will then begin creating your fulfillment methods by clicking the blue "New" button in the right corner. 
  2. Give your method a name and an optional description. 

  3. Next, inside of the "Locales" box, enter in the zip codes and/or states that you'd like to restrict this method to. If this is a pickup option, we typically recommend leaving this section blank. However, if this is a delivery option, adding in zip codes will make it so only customers within the allotted zip codes are able to select this method at checkout.

  4. Now you can select the stores you'd like this method to be eligible for:

  5. Select whether this method is a shipping, delivery, or pickup method:

  6. Now, add in a price (or enter in $0 if this is free delivery/pickup/shipping) and decide if you'd like the price to be taxable or not.

  7. Once you hit "Save", you will need to go back into this method to add your fulfillment slots. Once back inside, scroll to the bottom where you'll see a large calendar view and click the blue button that says "+ Fulfillment Slot".
    > Bottle Tip: A fulfillment slot is a way to a slot for a specific fulfillment day. Creating these are essential so the system knows when you'd like to begin taking orders, when the cutoff time is, and when the arrival beginning and end time are. 

  8. Now you're looking inside of the fulfillment slot creator. Let's go through each of the options in front of you together:

    > Ordering window begins: This allows orders to begin coming in at a certain date and time. If you'd like to restrict orders until a certain date/time each week, you can trigger the button and then enter in the date and time you'd like orders to begin being allowed to come in.
    > Ordering window ends: This restricts orders from coming in after a certain date and time for the week. This is effectively your cutoff date and time. The trigger button underneath allows you to put in a grace period (i.e. showing customers that the cutoff is every Tuesday at 8pm but allowing orders to come in for 2 more hours, etc).
    > Your fulfillment day: This is the day you fulfill and/or ship out orders. 
    > Order arrival window: This is the day and time customers can expect to receive their orders. You can also have an end date and time for this window which you can add by hitting the trigger button and adding an end date and time. 
    > Scheduler: This allows you to duplicate this slot weekly, monthly, etc. so you do not have to come in and set this up every week.
    1) To do this, you'll hit the trigger button 
    2) Then you will add an interval that you'd like the slot to duplicate. If you would like the slot to duplicate weekly, it will look like this: 

    > Bottle Tip (and an important one!!): The slot will duplicate every week (or whichever interval you decide on) forever into the future until it's physically deleted by you or someone on your team. The "For this far into the future" means how far into the future would you like customers to be able to place an order? For example, if you enter in 2 weeks here, customers will be able to place their orders two weeks in advance. 
  9. Once you hit save on your slot, you will see the slot populate into your calendar and you are finished.
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