Creating Drops (reminder messages/autocharge times)

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What are Bottle Drops?
Drops are the space where you can setup reminder messages to remind your customers to place their orders, as well as the place where you setup both autofill and autocharge for your subscription memberships. 

If you have two memberships (a la carte and weekly subscription) you'll need to create a drop for each membership to ensure that your a la carte orderers do not get autocharged by the system. 

How to setup a Drop:

  1. From your sidebar, click "Drops". Next, click the blue botton on the upper right side that says "New". 
  2. Give your drop a name - if it's for your weekly subscription, you can call it something like 'Weekly Subscription Drop'. Then hit "Save".

  3. Now, you'll add the store that you'd like to send when sending out your reminder messages. 

  4. Next, you will type in the Group that you'd like to send the message to. Once you create memberships, customers will automatically be grouped together by that membership. You can always add more than one group to a drop.

  5. Now you will add the fulfillment day(s) that these orders will be connected to. If you deliver and/or offer pickup on Saturday and Sunday, you will want to input both of those days here. You will add these by clicking the '+ Day' blue button, clicking on the day that it defaults to, and changing the day based on your fulfillment days.

  6. Next, you get to add your weekly reminder messages! Reminder messages work to send your customers a reminder to place their orders on a weekly (or monthly) basis.
    Add the reminder(s) by clicking the blue '+ Reminder' button. This button will generate a generic date/text. You'll want to make sure to edit that date/text by clicking it and changing the date, time, and text the goes out. 
    > These messages go out before your cutoff and contain a unique link that is unique to each customer (so it's important to not share these links). The link will automatically be added to the message you send and will take each customer into their own account with their carts.
    > If you have two reminder messages setup but the customer places their order before the second one goes out, they will not receive the second reminder. These exist simply to remind customers to place their orders for the week - if an order is placed, they will be taken off the list for that particular week.

  7. Now you can choose an autofill option. 

    > Run before reminders: the carts will autofill based on last week's order before the customer receives their reminder texts. The customer will receive that text, click the unique link sent to them, and have a full cart based on last week's order.
    > Run before autocharge: this option will wait to fill carts until it's time for autocharge to run. This will leave the customer's cart empty (unless they go in and manually fill it) until the autocharge time.
    [Note: You can leave these options blank if you are sending this drop to a la carte members and you do not want them to have a cart autofilled for them at all. If you want weekly subscription members to receive a blank cart, we would recommend having the autofill run before the autocharge, that way they have up until the autocharge to make changes and confirm their order before orders are added for them]
  8. Now you can choose an autofill type. The autofill type determines how the system will autofill the orders. 
    > Refill the cart from the last order: This puts the exact same items in the customer's cart that they ordered last week. If you change your menu weekly, we would recommend the second type or using fallback products to ensure your customer never receives an empty cart. If you rarely change your menu, I would recommend sticking with this option.
    > Match the number of items in each category: This option starts from the top of the category the customer ordered from last week and adds products until it hits your minimum or the amount they ordered last week. For example, if your customer ordered four products from the dinner category and three products from the lunch category last week, they will receive the same number of products from each of those categories. However, they will not necessarily be the same products they ordered the previous week. We recommend this type if you change your menu weekly/often.

  9. Now it's time to set this drop to autocharge. The main rule here is to set the autocharge to happen at least one hour before your hard cutoff (i.e. grace period) ends. The system needs time to run through all of the autocharges before the cutoff takes place. So, if your cutoff is Wednesday at 8pm, please ensure you set the autocharge to run no later than Wednesday at 7:30pm.

    [Note: You'll only want to set an autocharge for subscription members. If this is a drop for non-subscribers (a la carte/one time orderers), please skip this step.]
  10. Lastly, if you'd like this drop to continue recurring every week without having to go in and set a new drop up weekly/monthly, you will click the pencil button in the "Make the drop recurring" box. To have your drop recur once a week every week, you will set the drop to recur every 1 week for 1 week into the future.

    [Note: The drop will continue to recur every week until you or a member of your team manually deletes it. The "this far into the future" just means "how far in the future do you want to see drops right now". If you only want to see one drop at a time, the above configuration is the best option. There is never a need to make the drop recur years into the future - this will cause errors with the system].
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