Give a customer account credit

  • 7 mths ago

In this helpful article, we will cover the steps to add and remove account credit to a customer's account within your Bottle account.

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  1. Find the Customer: Locate the customer to whom you want to add credit. You have two options for this:

    • Messages: Click on the 'Messages' tab and select the customer from the list.
    • Search Bar: Use the search bar in the top left corner of the screen to find the customer by name or other identifying information.

  2. Access Customer Profile:

    • After locating the customer, click on the profile tab on their account.

  3. Add Credit Option:

    • On the right-hand side of the customer profile screen, under the "profile" heading find and click the button labeled 'Add Credit'.
  4. Enter Amount:

    • A dialog box will appear. Input the credit amount you want to add to the customer's account.
  5. Save Changes:

    • Click the 'Save' button to apply for the credit. The new total should display on the customer's profile.

Steps to Remove Account Credit

  1. Navigate to 'Add Credit':

    • As you did before, click the 'Add Credit' button in the customer's profile.
  2. Enter Negative Amount:

    • To remove credit, enter the amount you want to remove but as a negative number (e.g., -100).
  3. Confirm Changes:

    • Click 'Save'. The credit will be subtracted, and the new total should reflect this change.


And that's it! You've successfully learned how to add and remove credit from a customer's account in your bottle store. If you have any more questions, please ask us at team@bottle.com

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