Add a signup form to your store selection page.

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  • Accessing the Dashboard and Edit Site

    • Navigate to the dashboard.
    • Scroll down to find and click on 'Edit Site' in the left side menu.
  • Adding a New Content Block

    • In the 'Content Blocks' menu, select the option to add a new block.
    • Choose the 'Form' option from the dropdown menu and click 'Save'.
  • Customizing the Signup Form

    • Set an internal name for the form.
    • Add a description and explanation for the form.
    • Customize the form to allow customers to enter their phone number.
    • Optionally, offer incentives such as a 25% discount for first-time signups.
  • Creating a Thank You Message and Follow-up

    • Include a thank you message for customers who sign up.
    • Provide a follow-up message or offer, like a discount code, to new subscribers.
  • Enabling the Form Content Block

    • Ensure the 'Form Content Block' option is enabled and visible on the front page.
  • Finalizing and Testing the Form

    • After making all changes, refresh the front page to test and confirm the form's presence.

How to use these signups!


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