The Reports Tab in Bottle

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Bottle offers a variety of different reports you can download within your dashboard. In this article, we'll give an outline of each report and what information they will contain.


  • Accessing Reports

    • Navigate to the Reports tab in your Bottle Dashboard. Access various reports by clicking on the "+ report" button, which reveals a dropdown menu of different report types.


  • Types of Reports and Their Uses

    • Orders by Date Range: This report details orders within a specified date range, focusing on their production days. It resembles the production sheet from the Orders tab, offering insights into scheduling and production planning.
    • Invoice PDFs by Date Range: Generates invoices for orders based on their production days within the chosen period. This report is crucial for billing and accounting processes.
    • Packing Slips by Date Range: Provides packing slips for orders, also based on production days, facilitating the packing and shipping process.
    • Transaction Report: Diverges by focusing on the payment date rather than the production day. It includes a detailed breakdown of all payments made to your Bottle store, including fees and tips, offering a clear view of financial transactions.
    • Contact and Member Info Report: Downloads all contact information from your Bottle account, such as phone numbers, emails, and additional details like tags. This report is invaluable for customer relationship management and marketing.
    • Account Credits - Credit Issuances and Redemptions: Logs manual account credits provided by you, as well as gift card purchases and redemptions, based on the selected calendar dates. Essential for tracking promotional and loyalty program activities.
    • Discount Code Usage: Shows the frequency and individual usage of each discount code, helping you gauge the effectiveness of promotions and identify popular discounts.
    • Product Sold Breakdown Sheet: Offers a row-by-row analysis of products sold over a chosen period, including average prices. This report is key to understanding sales trends, identifying best and worst sellers, and making informed inventory decisions.
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