How the autofill options work in the Drops

  • updated 1 yr ago

Autofill options are an integral part of having a weekly, monthly, or yearly subscription. It's important to understand how the two autofill options function and what you can expect from each. Bottle has two different autofill options, which are found inside of the 'Drops' page.

Refill the cart from the last order: This puts the exact same products the customer ordered in the category for their last order in the customer's cart this order.

We suggest this option if your menu never changes or if you're willing to put in a bit of extra effort when changing your menu. This would require using fallback products which you can read about in this article.

Match the number of items in each category: This puts the exact same number of products the customer ordered last time in the category in the current order, using the following algorithm:

  1. Get a list of all eligible products for the category.

  2. Eliminate any products that do not match the customer's dietary preferences.

  3. Starting at the top, add products one at a time until the customer has the exact same number of products in this order as they had in the last order (or until the minimum is met, whichever is great).

We suggest using this option if your menu changes often.

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