How to set up an abandoned cart message

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Send a message to customers that have an abandoned cart to help them remember to finish their order!

Setting up an abandoned cart message is easy using Bottle's automation functionality. Bottle creates unique groups that you can use to send automations, download reports, and more. In this video, we discuss how to use those groups to send an automation to customers who have abandoned their carts.

What is an abandoned cart?

An abandoned cart is a cart that had at least one product in it. This cart is unpaid order and the customer who created it has not paid for an order since.

How to setup an abandoned cart message:



These are the steps starting from the contacts tab on your dashboard:

  1. Under the groups section of your dashboard, you should see a default "Abandoned cart filter" group

    1. If not, create a new group and add 2 filters:

      1. "cart edited on or after 7 days ago"

      2. "Customer has an abandoned cart"

  2. Click the automations tab on the top bar of your dashboard

  3. Name your automation

    1. We would suggest naming it "Abandoned cart message"

  4. Select the abandoned cart group from the "select group" dropdown

  5. Select "future scheduled event" from the event type dropdown

  6. Type your desired message for your customers to receive

  7. Select the date and time of your first abandoned cart message.

  8. Click the checkbox next to "recurring event"

    1. We suggest selecting weekly, but your business may want to send messages to customers on a different interval - just make sure your "cart edited" filter on your group matches the interval you're sending the message on!

  9. Click the grey "send" button

  10. Click send again after confirming your message looks correct.

You should be good to go with your new abandoned cart message!

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