How to set up an abandoned cart message

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Send a message to customers that have an abandoned cart to help them remember to finish their order!

Setting up an abandoned cart message is easy using Bottle's automation functionality. Bottle creates unique groups that you can use to send automations, download reports, and more. In this video, we discuss how to use those groups to send an automation to customers who have abandoned their carts.

What is an abandoned cart?

An abandoned cart is a cart that had at least one product in it. This cart is unpaid order and the customer who created it has not paid for an order since.

How to setup an abandoned cart message:


These are the steps starting from the contacts tab on your dashboard:

  1. Accessing the Smart List Feature:

    • Navigate to the 'Customers' tab.
    • Locate the 'Smart List' feature on this tab.
  2. Using the Abandoned Cart Filter:

    • Scroll down to find the default 'Abandoned Cart' filter.
    • This filter identifies customers who haven't paid for their order and have edited their cart within the last seven days.
    • It is a dynamic filter, automatically updating the carts included over time.
  3. Customizing Filters (Optional):

    • You may add additional filters, such as 'customer has never ordered before', to refine your list further.
  4. Saving Your Custom List:

    • If you make any filter changes, save them as a new list.
    • Name the list for easy identification, e.g., 'Abandoned Cart Message'.
  5. Setting Up Automation:

    • Go to the 'Automation' tab. On the left side of your dashboard.

    • Click the '+' (plus) button to add a new automation.
    • Find and select the 'Abandoned Cart Message' list you created.
  6. Creating the Reminder Message:

    • Enter the reminder message you wish to send to the customer, like a discount code offer.
    • Optionally, add an image to the message.
  7. Scheduling the Reminder:

    • Click 'Next' and choose 'Schedule a Time to Send'.
    • Typically, send the reminder once a week (e.g., Tuesday at 6 PM).
    • Set the reminder to repeat weekly.
  8. Finalizing the Automation:

    • Review your settings on the preview page.
    • Click 'Confirm and Schedule' to activate the automation.
    • Your automation will now appear on the left side of the screen.

You should be good to go with your new abandoned cart message!

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