Creating a fulfillment method using a region on a map

  • updated 8 mths ago

When creating a fulfillment method, you likely want to cut off ordering on a particular road rather than using an entire zip code. Bottle's map region tool will let you draw on a map to create a fulfillment zone! Check out our video below on how to create a fulfillment method using this method.

Fulfillment method with a map region



  1. Find the fulfillment method you want to add a polygon region from your list of fulfillment methods

    1. If you still need to create a fulfillment method or want to create a new one:
  2. Once on the settings page for your fulfillment method, scroll down to the "Fulfillment Zones" section
  3. Click the "Eligible region on a map" toggle button

  4. Click the "Create region" or "Replace region" button just above the map
  5. Start clicking on the map to create your polygon that represents the fulfillment region
  6. Click on the starting dot to finish your polygon.

  7. You can edit the polygon further by clicking on existing dots and dragging or by clicking on the midpoint between two dots to get another point to drag
  8. Click Save in the upper right-hand corner of your screen to save your shape

A couple of notes:

  • Each fulfillment zone currently only supports a single polygon
    • You can create two shapes on a single map by using a small line

    • If the regions are far apart, we suggest creating a new fulfillment method
  • To restart your region, you can click the "replace region" button above the map. This will remove the previously existing region and start over
  • If you make changes you do not like, you can click "discard" at the top right-hand corner of the screen to undo the changes you've made
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