How to pause/take a week off

Learn how to push back your cutoffs and pause your drops to take a week off.

Sometimes, you do not want to deliver meals for a specific fulfillment day. Perhaps your kitchen is closing, or maybe it is Thanksgiving Week. We all need a break sometimes. Watch the video below to learn how you can take a week off of your Bottle store and allow your customers to still order in the future!

How to skip a week/take a week off:



  1. Go to the Sell Tab:

    1. Start by logging into your Bottle store. Navigate to the 'sell tab' on the left side of your dashboard. This tab will show you an overview of your store's schedule.

  2. Choose the Dates:

    1. Identify the specific week or dates you want to take off.

      1. For instance, if you're looking to close your store for Thanksgiving, which is typically in the fourth week of November, you'll be focusing on those dates.

    2. These closure dates are guided by production days not arrival days

  3. Closing the Store:

    • Click on the specific date you want to close.
    • After selecting the date, click on the 'close store' button.
    • Repeat these steps for any consecutive dates you want to close.
  4. Verify Slot Closure:

    • After setting the specific dates to 'close', all slots associated with the production days of these dates will become unavailable. This ensures customers can't place orders on those days. You can confirm this by checking that the slots for those dates are set to 'close'.

  5. Handle Scheduled Drops: Drops associated with dates that have store closures will automatically not run, so you shouldn't have to worry about altering them in any way!

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