Understanding the different report downloads

Learn about Bottle's different downloadable reports, including order downloads, packing slips, and invoices.

Bottle offers a variety of ways to download your orders for production, fulfillment, or to get a general overview! You can download these different types of reports within any group or under the batches listed on your activity page by entering your email to request the format you want.

Please view the video below to learn more about each report and how to access them.

Report Download Overview:


  1. Introduction to Reports

    • The Bottle Dashboard allows users to download various reports from individual lists, offering insights into orders, sales, and customer preferences.
  2. Accessing Reports

    • To access the reports, navigate to one of your calendar dates in the Orders tab and scroll to the bottom to find the "Report Download History" section. Here, examples of different report types can be downloaded.
  3. Types of Reports

    • Order Spreadsheet: Provides a comprehensive overview of production for the week, detailing all products sold, including variants. This report is essential for planning production needs.

      • Products Tab: Offers a detailed view of individual products and their variants sold.
      • Variants Tab: Focuses on the overlap and combinations of product variants.
      • Orders Tab: Lists each order with detailed information such as price charged, products included, and fulfillment details.
    • Products Sold Breakdown: Shows all products sold within a selected period, their quantities, average prices, and total sales. This report is useful for analyzing sales trends and making product adjustments.

    • Packing Slips: Designed for fulfillment purposes, these slips include customer names, pickup details, ordered products, and any customer-specific notes or answers to questions. Packing slips are crucial for ensuring accurate order packaging and delivery.

    • Invoice PDFs: Serves as an official sales document, detailing the products sold, their prices, and total cost. Invoices can replace packing slips in some scenarios, providing a formal transaction record for both the seller and the customer.

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