How to setup a discount code

This article will talk through the steps of setting up a discount code on Bottle.

Discount codes are a great way to offer discounts to your customers. These discounts apply to orders by the customer typing in the discount code at checkout. Once the discount code is added by the customer to their order, the customer automatically receives the discount granted through the code.

How to setup a discount code:



  • Accessing the Discount Code Section

    • Click on the 'Sell' tab on the left side of your Bottle dashboard.
    • Scroll down in the menu to find 'Discount Codes' and click on it.
  • Creating a New Discount Code

    • Look for the 'New' button in the top right-hand corner and click on it.
    • This action will direct you to the screen for creating a new discount code.
  • Types of Discount Codes

    • There are three types of discount codes: 'Percent Off', 'Amount Off', and 'Free Shipping'.
      • Percent Off: Deducts a flat percentage from the total cost.
      • Amount Off: Deducts a specific dollar amount.
      • Free Shipping: Waives shipping fees.
  • Setting Up the Discount Code

    • Choose the type of discount code.
    • Enter an internal name for the code.
    • Specify the code for customers to use at checkout.
    • Set the discount rate (e.g., 5% for 'Percent Off' or $5.30 for 'Amount Off').
  • Advanced Options

    • Maximum Discount Amount: Set the upper limit for the discount (e.g., $5 off on a $100 order).
    • Maximum Use Times per User: Define how many times an individual customer can use this code.
  • Combining Codes

    • Select if the code can be combined with other discount codes.
    • An additional setting, 'Can be combined always', allows the code to be combined even with non-combinable codes.
  • Expiration and Specific Audience

    • Set an expiration date for the discount code.
    • Optionally, restrict the code to first-time customers only.
  • Saving and Sharing

    • Once all settings are adjusted, click 'Save' in the bottom right-hand corner.
    • Share the code with your customers as desired.
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