Understanding the "Profile" page for contacts.

Learn about the different settings that exist under each contact in your list.

The profile tab exists for each of your contacts. Here you can find a lot of extra information and settings about each of your customers!

Understanding the profile page of your customers:



Here's a basic overview of what you'll find on this tab:

Overview Section

Here you can see a breakdown of the customer's activity in your store. Things like their account credit and total spending are on the left side of the screen. You can also add additional account credit to their account with the blue "Add credit" button.

On the right side, you can see more personal information. You can also click the "Open contact's account portal" button to log in as the customer to adjust account information or make orders in their stead.

Orders Section

Here, you can see a breakdown of a customer's past, present, and future orders. There are two tabs here and a button:

  • Orders: A customer's completed and paid for orders

  • Carts: A customer's incomplete orders that could require some action to complete

  • + Order: You can generate a new order for a customer using this button!

Tags, Notes, and Attributes

  • tags: can be used to organize your customers beyond the filters already available with groups

  • notes: allow you to write down extra information you may want to keep track of for specific customers

  • attributes: can be used for text replacement in the various messaging automation available on Bottle

Danger Zone

This section is for blocking and archiving a contact's conversation. Be careful with any action taken in this section of the profile page!

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