Create a Smart List in your dashboard

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Managing your Bottle Dashboard effectively involves creating smart lists that help you filter and access your customer data quickly. Whether you're looking to segment orders by specific criteria or keep track of customers based on their interactions, smart lists can streamline your workflow. Below is a detailed guide on how to create a new smart list in your Bottle Dashboard.


Step 1: Accessing the Smart List Creation Menu

  1. Navigate to Customers: Start by clicking on the "Customers" option located on the left sidebar of your Bottle Dashboard.
  2. Open Smart List Section: Scroll down until you find the smart list section, and then click on the "+ list" button. This action opens up a menu where you can create a new list.

Step 2: Setting Up Your Smart List

  1. Choose Your Filters: With the new list created, you're presented with a variety of filters to customize your list. These filters allow you to segment your customers based on specific criteria.

    • Example Filter: If you're interested in filtering orders by payment status and production day, you might select filters for paid orders and set a specific production day using the "production days from now" filter.
  2. Name Your List: After setting up your filters, ensure you rename your list to something descriptive. This name will save your list within the Dashboard for future access.

  3. Save or Update the List: Once renamed, your list is automatically saved. If you decide to add more filters or make any changes, you have the option to either create a new list or update the existing one by using the appropriate button, such as "update paid orders production day".

Alternative Method: Creating a List from an Existing One

  1. Navigate to an Existing List: If you're already viewing a list within any section of your Dashboard, such as the orders tab, you can use this as a starting point to create a new smart list.

    • Example Scenario: If you're examining orders for a specific date, like the 20th, you can start with this list to apply further filters.
  2. Apply Additional Filters: While viewing the list, you may want to narrow down your search further, such as by customer product preferences.

    • Example Filter: Under carton payment filters, add a filter for "has order with a specific product" and specify the product, like pancakes, to find specific orders.
  3. Save the New List: After applying the additional filters, you can save this as a new list by renaming it, similar to the first method.

This comprehensive guide walks you through the two primary methods of creating smart lists in your Bottle Dashboard. Whether starting from scratch or building upon an existing list, these steps will help you organize and access your customer data more efficiently.

Have any questions or need further assistance with your Bottle Dashboard? Feel free to reach out for support. Enjoy optimizing your workflow!

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