How to create a private/hidden store

  • 1 yr ago

In Bottle, there might be a time where you'd like to create a hidden/private store. This could be to showcase a holiday menu, to have a wholesale store, or to just have a "club" type membership/store option. No matter the reasoning, Bottle makes it easy to host this type of store. 

To make a private/hidden store on your account:

  1. Begin the process of store creation by creating a brand new store. Please reference this article if you have questions on creating a store.
  2. The main difference here from a normal store creation is that you will make the store status a "Draft" upon creation. While the term "Draft" is confusing, the store will still technically be published, but the draft status allows it to be hidden from view on your main store page. Customers will need to have the link to have access to the store.

  3. Make sure that there are membership tiers and fulfillment methods that are associated with this store. 
  4. Lastly, to give customers access to this store, you will share the link with them. The URL to the store will look like this: 

    The store number can be found at the end of the URL while editing your store:

    So for example, if my Bottle name (i.e. the name of your business in Bottle) is ChelseaTesting, the link to my private store would be:
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