How to set up a pricing tier

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This article will inform you on how to create a pricing tier for your store allowing for bulk discounts and member discounts.

Pricing tiers are a helpful tool to give your customers a discount for selecting a certain amount of items or spending above a certain amount on your Bottle store. This discount will be in the form of either a percentage off or a dollar amount off.

How to create a pricing tier:



To set up a pricing tier follow these steps:

  1. Click into your Bottle store on the left hand menu.

  2. Scroll down to the "Pricing tiers" section of your store settings page - this is also easily selected from the side of your store page:

  3. Click the "+ Tier" button to add a new tier.

  4. Now you can give your pricing tier a name.

  5. Type the discount you are looking to give your customer in a percentage form. 

  6. Add a description to your pricing tier which can provide extra context to your customer.

  7. Select a minimum for your customer to reach for them to receive the discount.

    1. This can be done by dollar amount, item count, or both.

    2. You can also leave the price at 0 which means this tier will apply to all orders.

  8. If you'd like this pricing tier to only be available for specific memberships, you can unselect the "Available for all membership tiers" button. By doing this, you will then see the option to select which membership(s) you'd like this pricing tier to apply to.


Membership-specific Pricing Tiers

If you want to set up a Member specific discount follow these steps:

  1. Click the edit button next to one of your already existing pricing tiers.

  2. You should see a new section on the pop up appear that says "Membership tiers"

  3. Uncheck the "available for all Membership tiers" box

  4. Select the membership(s) from the drop-down that you want the discount to be available to.

  5. Click the "Add" button

Only memberships listed below the dropdown should now be affected by the pricing tier!


A few things to keep in mind:

  • Bottle will always prioritize the pricing tier that provides the greatest discount to your customer.

    • If you want to provide your customer with a percent discount that was available at a different pricing tier, we suggest incorporating that into the pricing tier you just created

  • Pricing tiers do not discriminate between shipping and delivery, this pricing tier will discount both to $0.

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