How To Setup Tipping in your Bottle Store

  • updated 2 mths ago

In Bottle, you have an excellent opportunity to collect tips for you and your staff. When the tipping feature is set up inside your store, the tip option is conveniently located at checkout so that your customer can add a custom amount, a dollar amount, or a percentage amount to their order.

Here's how to set up the tips feature:

  1. Navigate to the "tipping" section of your store settings. You can do this by selecting your store from the leftmost menu and selecting "Tipping" from the store settings menu.

  2. Once here, you will need to click the toggle to turn on tipping for the store.

  3. Then, you can set as many percentage or flat dollar amounts as you'd like by clicking the "+tip" button.

    1. Once you click this, select either "percentage amount" or "dollar amount" from the drop-down and enter your desired value.
    2. Click Save
  4. At checkout, your customers will then be offered your tip suggestions right before they pay for their order. This includes the ability to select a custom tip amount.

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