Setup a catering store

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How to setup a catering store

1. Create a new store

2. Give your store a title, a description, and decide if you’d like it to be a public or private store. (A private store is hidden from your main page, but you can send the link to any customer you’d like). Hit “Save”.

3. Once you hit save, you will be taken to the same page but with more settings. Here you can setup a store minimum, the tax structure, and tipping.

4. Scrolling down, you can then add categories to this store. Once your categories are added, you can choose from your list of products to add to the store.


5. Next you can create pricing tiers, questions for your customers, and customize the receipt page.

6. Once you’re finished on this page, you’ll want to hit ‘Save’ at the top.

7. Once you’ve saved the store, you now will want to go in and create fulfillment methods for catering. You can use an existing method and add that method to the store inside of the fulfillment method, or you can create a new one.

8. If you create a new one, you’ll go through the steps laid out in this article, but you might want to extend the period that customers can order through into the future than your normal weekly duplication. To do this, when setting up your fulfillment slots, you will duplicate them as far in advance as you’d like customers to order for.

For an example, if you’d like customers to be able to place catering orders for 10 weeks out, this is how your duplicator would look inside of your fulfillment slot:

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