How to create fulfillment slots over a certain period.

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There might come a time when you're doing a sale over a special week or selling meals for the holidays. This article will outline how to set up fulfillment slots over a specific period. 

How to create slots over a period.


Here are the steps for getting this done.

  1. First find the fulfillment method you want these slots to exist under
  2. Then click the "+fulfillment slot" button to open the fulfillment slot creation screen
  3. Fill out your information as desired
    1. Place the fulfillment slot on the first day of the period you want to cover  
  4. Click the switch next to the "Scheduler"
  5. The scheduler works as follows:
    1. Repeat Every
      • the interval the slot duplicates on
    2. For this far into the future
      • How far ahead of the fulfillment date the slot will be duplicated
      • This is not how many weeks the slot will duplicate for. All slots duplicate indefinitely until made to stop
  6. Select the interval you want the slot to duplicate on whether it's days or weeks
  7. Then enter the appropriate amount of days or weeks ahead of today (the day you are doing this) the target end date.
    1. For example: If the last slot you want to exist is for 12/25 and you are creating the slots on 11/28, there are 27 days between those dates. You would enter "27" in the second field.
  8. Once you've done this, click save to generate the slots
  9. Then to prevent the slots from duplicating further:
    1. Find the final slot in the sequence and click on it
    2. Click the unlock button in the scheduler section
    3. Click the switch to turn off the duplicator
    4. Since all other slots have already duplicated, turning off the final slot from duplicating will stop further duplications!

Now you should be good to go! As always if you have any questions, please email us at team@bottle.com.

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